Thursday, March 18, 2010

Handsome Baby Nephew's 3 month session

I wish my camera had video on it so you could have heard him talking to me and his belly laugh when my sister tickled him! He was such a sweetheart and put up with his auntie messing with him for a long time, but when he was done, that was IT. Good thing he's easy to get great shots of! Check out this sweet angel:

The DIMPLE!!! I love his dimples!

Hmmm...anybody see mommy's arm holding him up? No? Ahh. I love photoshop! ; )

surely this one doesn't surprise you...

These fingers are SO YUMMY. They're a perfect afternoon snack. Num num.

Oh Auntie, aren't you done yet?

Yes, sweet baby. All done (until next month!).

Monday, March 15, 2010

Miss M is turning 2!

I got to start what 'should' have been a regular old blah Monday with an ADORABLE almost-two-year-old in one of my most favorite places in Texas. Made my Monday awesome!

We started out looking for and sniffing the flowers. Miss M loves flowers, and she knows what color they all are too!
Then she picked one for mommy and one for daddy...

She was so sweet and shared her snack--yummy!
Her mother tells me she's a little bit of a Daddy's Girl...but I really couldn't tell. ; )

You'll never guess who was chasing her.
Yay! More pretty flowers!

1...2...3...WHEEEE! I don't think they knew I was still taking pictures. Um, I take pictures of EVERYTHING.

including pretty pink piggy-toes, which I can't seem to resist,
and daddies helping their baby girls get their shoes on. It struck me today how I love watching dads with their kids, but especially dads with their little girls, and all the 'new' things they find themselves doing (like trying to put bows in her hair).
I got ONE "cheese!" and it was worth working for!

What can I say? I love little feet.
Love this one. Okay, I love all of them, but I love this one extra much.
We were waving "bye" to her--she was trying to decide if she believed us or not. ; )
Another smooth, easy, and wonderful session! Can't get over how awesome my clients are! Thank you M's for a great morning!

This is the third Sneak Peek I've blogged in three days--don't miss out on the Engagement session or the S family!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Engagement Session

This was my very first engagement session, and I was excited about it for WEEKS before the day finally arrived! These are very good friends of ours, which made the whole evening very relaxed and enjoyable (even when I realized that my camera battery was dead and I didn't have my spare with me--AAAGH!).
I love how he's looking at her in this one, and his hand on her back... *sigh!*

We finished the "dress" pictures (partly because of the dead battery, dangit), got a fresh battery and an outfit change and headed to The Hangin' Tree Saloon. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, I had never been there but it sounded fun, so we went to check it out.

While they were sitting on the rail, the people sitting on the benches outside started hootin' and hollerin' a little and teasing them. It was so funny!
One of the...*ahem*...gentlemen sitting near me suggested we go inside and take a picture by one of the signs. I knew how dark it would be in there, but we went in anyway to humor him. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that there was a back door and an outdoor bar area with gorgeous light, so we headed out!

On our way back in, he saw the flag and said We've got to do one by the flag. I aim to please, so I started adjusting my camera settings, had him lean against the table and called her over by me. I whispered, "There's a really cute guy over there checking you out; you should go talk to him." She laughed, which is what I wanted, but they both played along and had FUN, and we got one of my most favorite shots ever...

Then it was time to head across to the abandoned farm property, so we could race and try to get a sunset picture.
Then we wandered over to the little stone building, where they stood talking...

...and ALMOST forgot I was there! ; )

This shot was his idea. He found the rusty old piece of equipment and pulled her into his lap, and we ended up with another favorite shot.
I love his hat propped on his boot!

When I got home and was showing the pictures to my husband, he said, "Those are so good they make me want to get married again." awww! I definitely agree, they make me feel that too, but for him to say that...well, he got some extra kisses that night! ; )

THANK YOU, my two wonderful friends, for allowing me to take your engagement pictures, for being such awesome friends, and for not being irritated about the whole battery thing...I am so excited for your wedding!!!