Friday, July 22, 2011

The B Fam of 3, soon-to-be-4

Sooo....I'm a little behind on blogging again. : ) I have a maternity session and my sister's wedding still to share, and probably some other's I can't think of at the moment. But right now I get to share the B family with you!

We met in Gruene last night (easily in my top five favorite places of all time). I shook mom's hand, and dad's hand, said nice to meet you, then Mr. S (who stole my heart) came right over and gave me a big hug. I knew right then we'd have a GREAT session, and I was right! 

Of course, when the light is perfect, and the family is this gorgeous, how could things not go great??!

 Heeheehee! This was totally unplanned/unprompted, but makes me LAUGH. Awesome.

Sweet baby girl, coming soon! So excited to meet her!

Big brother is FOUR (just like my Kimi) and he and I got along just great. I think 4 might be my favorite age.

Yep. A heartbreaker for sure.

Miss Cara came armed with a bribe. A really BIG one. I love bribes.

Mama is stunning and gorgeous and totally a natural. This session was such a breeze.

I said, "What if Mommy and Daddy make an S sandwich?" so they did and S laughed and laughed! He thought it was the funniest thing!

 Another funny story. I was taking Mom and Dad's picture, and Mr. S said, "I can see you!" So I turned around and sure enough, there we all were in the reflection on the truck door behind us. I snapped the shot and told Mr. S he had a good eye!
 And he said, "This one?" Yep! That's the one! LOL

Thank you SO MUCH B family! It was a pleasure to meet you and spend the evening together! I'm super excited to meet your beautiful baby girl! Hope your dinner at the Gristmill was perfect. : )