Thursday, March 22, 2012

Miss N in the bluebonnets, 3 years old

Tonight was Big Sister's turn, and WOW did we ever have a beautiful spot for pictures!!!! HUGE thanks to my fabulous hairdresser who told me about this place!

This is my third year to photograph this sweet girl, and I have loved so much watching her grow! She is beautiful inside and out, and we always have a fun time together.

Here are her 1 year old pics, and her 2 year old pics,


her three year old pics!!! (I'm completely in love with all of them.)

 So. I love how the lollipop pictures look. I love having a treat for the kiddos at the end of a session. I do not love the hardness of the candy when the kids would inevitably bite the lollipop. I do not love the sticky drooly mess (especially when I forgot wipes). What's a girl to do? Well. THIS girl asked her favorite baker (Babcakes!) to help out. A swirly rainbow cookie on a stick? Yes please. And it matches my client's outfit? Perfection. As usual. I'm so spoiled.
 We also snuck Baby Brother into the flowers for a few shots! We had to. The flowers wore the exact shade of blue that matched his eyes. ; )

 SUCCESS! With no head transplants in photoshop! LOL
We had a beautiful, perfect evening in a beautiful, perfect spot and we got beautiful, perfect pictures!

Thank you W family!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Z, 3 months old

I don't think I ever posted Baby Z's newborn pics from right before Christmas, but here is a sneak peek of his 3 month pictures from Sunday!

We played peek-a-boo in the mirror, and he was VERY HAPPY!

 Then he was tired of being on his tummy. So we turned over, and he was still very happy!
 And then he was not. He was TIRED. Dear Miss Cara, let me take a nap. The End. lol
 Alright you gorgeous baby. I'll let you take a nap.

 aww. having sweet dreams, even when I kept messing with him! (He was probably dreaming about me driving away. hahaha!)
 such an angel. oh my goodness.
 Then mean ol' Miss Cara woke him up. He was an unhappy Yoda and let me know it. But I was mesmerized by his eyes and didn't mind him frowning at me. : )
 Piggy toes in the grass were so interesting. Way more interesting than Miss Cara. So we took piggy toe pictures instead!
 Finally we got to play with daddy! Yay! We love daddy!
We'll be doing Big Sister's pictures on Thursday evening in the wildflowers. It's a busy week around here, with sisters and babies and seniors and if the weather cooperates, 9 kids in the BLUEBONNETS! Stay tuned...