Monday, September 27, 2010

Mr. K, 1 year old!

I can't believe this sweet boy, who I started photographing when he was 3 months old (then 6 months, and 9 months) is already ONE!!! He is my first non-family-member baby to photograph for an entire year, and it is such a blessing to me to have seen him grow!

This session was SO. MUCH. FUN. All of us were exhausted afterwards from all the fun.

Mom wanted a family picture. We got two. Hey, I aim to please! LOL (I usually end up with more than 2, so it's funny to me.)

Watermelon time! Ohboyohboyohboy!

After the (very delicious) watermelon, we took a break to rinse off (and do some dishes...haha!).
And now it's CAKE TIME!!! My sister made the cake. She's amazing. I'm spoiled. : )

After cake, it was time for a REAL bath. There was green and blue icing everywhere (daddy had more on him than Mr. K did! Of course, Mr. K put it there, but still...).

Nice and clean.

This dog has been in every session with him. At 3 months old, it was nearly as big as he was!
Now, he carries it around with him. He LOVES his dog!
Thank you so much, K family, for letting me be a part of your sweet boy's first year! It's been such a pleasure!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HN#3 is 3!

HN#3 = Handsome Nephew #3. I have four nephews, so they are HN#1-4, and one niece, so she gets to be My Favorite Niece. BUT, this post is about G, my HN#3, who turned 3 years old at the end of August. I drove past this super cool caboose near my house and knew it was the perfect place for his 3yo pics! He was not quite as enthusiastic as I was, even when I gave him a giant lollipop. You would think that all of these kids would be used to Auntie Cara and her camera by now, but no, they make me (and their mama) work for every smile. It's worth it though!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I am behind on blogging again! Edits are keeping me busy, which is good news. But tonight I wanted to post this sweet couple's pictures. They had just gotten married the weekend before and wanted some portraits made of them in their (gorgeous) wedding attire. I told them what a treat it was for me to get to photograph grown-ups! It was a breeze--I barely had to direct them at all, but I did tease them about all the kissing. ; )