Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The K fam of 3, soon-to-be-4!

There seems to be an epidemic of growing families--I love it!!! The K fam have been (favorite) clients of mine since little mister was 3 months old. He's now TWO! He was my first non-family-member baby to photograph a whole first year of growing, and we had a LOT of fun at his one year old session last summer. Now we have a baby brother on the way! Woohoo! 

We met Sunday evening in Gruene (oh how I love Gruene...) and amazingly we didn't melt. It was a close call though. And for some reason the pics uploaded out of order, but I've decided it doesn't matter. 
: ) 

K family, enjoy your sneak peek! Thank you M for braving the miserable heat with such a great attitude. It was definitely worth it!