Thursday, April 5, 2012

MY kids in the bluebonnets!

Every now and then I actually get pictures of my own kids (AND I get them edited! lol). And to clarify, by "my" kids, I mean mine and my sister's. They're all mine. : )

 All 9! I only had to do one head transplant. Not bad. They're getting the hang of it!
 Of course, it helps when their daddies are standing behind me making them laugh.

 We call this the Stairstep Picture. Every year, between Handsome Nephew #2's and My Favorite Niece's birthdays, we line up the kids for a picture, because right now they are ages (right to left) 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 (and 4, 4, and 2--they don't "fit" in the lineup of numbers but we're not going to leave them out!). They used to actually be stairsteps going down, but they're starting to catch up to each other. Except Kimi, and her 2yo cousin is almost as tall as she is! haha!
 They think this is their 'reward' for doing such a good job for me--a silly picture. But really it's my reward. I have a dozen of these and they're all hilarious!
Hooray for cousins!!!

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You are blessed.